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House prices in the Aude

Lagrasse in the AudeThe real estate market in the Aude is showing signs of recovery – little signs but recovery nonetheless. Prices have stabilized and are significantly lower than they were 3 or 4 years ago and it’s unlikely that they will increase this year. Prices are no longer carved in stone. It’s perfectly acceptable – and expected – that you make an offer below the asking price.

Some things to keep in mind as you start your property search:

What your euro will buy

Under 100,000 euros

For as little as €50,000 there are village houses to be renovated, some in villages that allow roof terraces.

You can find renovated one or two bedroom villages houses in very good condition for as little as €70,000. No outside space but charming houses.

€90,000 to €100,000 will get you a 2 bedroom village house with some kind of outside space, a small court or terrace.

€100,000 to €250,000

€100,000 to €130,000 will buy a 2 bedroom village house, renovated, with a court or terrace and possibly in a village with amenities.

€130,000 to €160,000 means more bedrooms, larger outside space.

€160,000 to €250,000 gets you village houses with more bedrooms, outside space, sometimes outbuildings. Small villas are in this price range as well.

€250,000 to 400,000

€250,000 to €400,000 and houses start having swimming pools and larger gardens. Also gites as part of a house, maybe a studio or one bedroom independent apartment.

Over €400,000

Over €400,000 houses are on large plots of land with outbuildings, sometimes already converted into gites


Renovating usually means knocking down partition walls, adding staircases, replacing windows, as well as re-wiring, plumbing, adding kitchens and bathrooms and decorating.


Restoration can start with anything from three or four walls to a house with a bad roof and rotten floors, and no electricity or water. Usually you'll need to involve an architect in a restoration project.

Barn Conversions

Conversions take a building that was not a house, usually a barn, and makes it into a house. Sometimes there is water and electricity and sometimes not. You always want to make sure there is a certificate of urbanization in place or that it is possible to get one. If you're looking at a building that isn't in a village and has no water or electricity make sure that you can get village water or that there is a good well and mains drainage or that there is an existing septic tank. Also make sure that EDF will run electricity to the house or be prepared to live with generators and solar power. Count on at least €1000.00 per square metre to do the conversion.

Renovation costs, a guideline

to replace a roof - 5,000 to 50,000 euros depending on size of roof and replacement materials and whether the beams need to be replaced

Add or upgrade a bathroom - 5,000 to 15,000 euros

complete rewiring of house - 5,000 to 15,000 euros

renovate a kitchen - 3,000 euros to 'sky's the limit'

convert an attic to a terrace - 10,000 to 20,000+ euros