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How much is your house in the Aude worth?

The most important step in the process of selling a house is establishing the asking price. Too high and no one will visit, too low and you'll you'll end up feeling that you should have asked more.

It's easier to decide on a selling price for a newer house than for an older house. If you want to sell a three bedroom villa near Carcassonne you will be able to see what other similar villas are listed for and use that as a guide.

To some extent you can do the same thing if you're selling a village house as long as you make sure that you are comparing apples to apples.

Things to keep in mind when setting the selling price:

Be realistic! People sometimes set an unrealistically high price assuming that buyers will visit and make an offer. It doesn't work that way. Buyers don't want to visit a property they see as being over their budget.

You may have the perfect €150,000 3 bedroom village house with a court but if you ask €200,000 for it no one is going to come and look.

Avoid having the house on the market for too long. People start to recognize houses that they see on French property websites. If they keep seeing yours they will start to assume that there's something wrong with it, a reason it hasn't sold.

Just because you need €x so you can buy a house in the UK ...

The fact that you've decided to leave France and go back to the UK and want to buy a house there has no bearing on the value of your property in France.

So how do you establish a fair selling price for your house in the Aude?

Talk with an estate agent or an immobilier. They can advise you on a price.

Contact us for an evaluation of your Aude property.

Make sure you attend to everything necessary when selling your property in France.

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