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Aude Climate

Aude view of the countrysideIn general the climate in the Aude is Mediterranean, hot dry summer, rainy winter, moderate spring and autumn. 

5 day forecast for Carcassonne

Micro-climates in the Aude

You often hear people talk about micro-climates in the Aude. There are climatic differences between areas. a lot of them are because of the geography; different climate in the foothills of the Pyrenees than in Carcassonne.

We get emails from people saying "we want a micro-climate". I don't actually know what that means. There are parts of the Aude that are quite windy. If you're looking around and see a lot of windmills and you don't like wind, it's better to look somewhere else.

The area near and in the foothills of the Pyrenees is cold in the winter and often get snow. Cooler in the summer, which can be nice.

Generally the climate is lovely, you don't have to worry.

The Weather in the Aude

July and August are hot and dry, temperatures around 30° C. September can be quite humid.

October is a perfect month. The humidity is gone, the vines are changing colour, days are warm and sunny.

November and December are cooler but still very pleasant. Lots of sunshine.

January and February are the winter months. Lots of rain, occasional frost and once in a while, snow.

March and April are unpredictable, glorious sunny days with temperatures in the high teens interspersed with cloudy, rainy cool days.

May and June are usually very pleasant, lots of sunshine, nice warm temperatures

Average temperatures and rainfall for Carcassonne.

January Avg low: Avg hi: 10° Avg precip: 3.75 cm
February Avg low: Avg hi: 11° Avg precip: 3.51 cm
March Avg low: Avg hi: 14° Avg precip: 2.81 cm
April Avg low: Avg hi: 16° Avg precip: 5.03 cm
May Avg low: 11° Avg hi: 21° Avg precip: 3.66 cm
June Avg low: 15° Avg hi: 25° Avg precip: 3.29 cm
July Avg low: 17° Avg hi: 28° Avg precip: 1.85 cm
August Avg low: 17° Avg hi: 28° Avg precip: 3 cm
September Avg low: 14° Avg hi: 24° Avg precip: 3.25 cm
October Avg low: 11° Avg hi: 19° Avg precip: 3.92 cm
November Avg low: Avg hi: 13° Avg precip: 4.38 cm
December Avg low: Avg hi: 10° Avg precip: 4.26 cm

Source: MSN Weather