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Dreams and fears when buying a house in the south of France

It makes me laugh when I read this " For years I've dreamed of a house in France. In the south of France, maybe in the mountains.  Or near a river.  A very old house with thick stone walls and enormous hand-hewn wooden beams.

With roses framing the front door.  French doors opening to a small garden, or a courtyard, planted with lavender and rosemary and basil.

With pots and pans and bunches of herbs hanging from beams in the kitchen. 

A bakery around the corner. And maybe a bar, or a cafe where you can sit in the sun and watch the town go by. "  from Ode to Aude

I wrote it on September 10, 2000, just before I came to buy my first house in the Aude.

I'm on my second house now and still haven't managed the cafe and the bakery although I did manage the river on the first one.

Remember your dream?  People are still looking for the perfect village with the bakery and the cafe.  And for charm.  Often they know nothing at all about the area.

They've watched those horrid TV programs about buying property in France and they still think they can get a village house with a garden for €75,000.  They are all scared that there is some terrible hidden thing that no one is telling them.  They are terrified of doing renovations.  Not everyone is like this but there are enough people who still feel this way.

It's something to keep in mind when you're trying to sell your house in France. Remember what you felt like when you were looking for property to buy.

If you'd like advice on the most effective way to market your house in the Aude just get in touch. We can help.

Make sure you attend to everything necessary when selling your property in France.